Teeth Whitening Equipment


Mobile Teeth Whitening Package $679.99

Everything you need to get started! ($800 Value)


Comes With:


1 Mobile Teeth Whitening LED light

10 Teeth Whitening Trays (includes peroxide, vitamin e sticks and finger wipes)

10 Teeth Whitening Maintenance Pens

25 Dental Bibs and Dental Clip

2 pairs of protective Glasses






Mobile LED Light Only (Not Package) $479.99




        Teeth Whitening Trays


Comes in quanities of 10, 20, 30 or 40. Every 10 trays come with one large 10ml syringe. Each syringe has enough gel for 10 treatments.


  • 16% Hydrogen Peroxide 
  • Includes Vitamin E Stick & Finger Wipe
  • For use with Professional LED light
  • 6 Months of of shelf life from date of purchase


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Teeth Whitening Maintenance Pens

Suggested Retail-$29.99


Maintains whitening results between treatments

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  Dental Bibs with Dental Clip


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